The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes

The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes

The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes is situated along the shores of Lake Elementaita; an exclusive, luxurious and outstanding facility nestled in a pristine environment above Lake Elementaita. 

The lodge that is named after the pelican birds found in the area & is set on private land (no park or conservancy fees required) in Naivasha District between Naivasha and Nakuru town, where one can experience amazing sunsets and bird watching experiences. It is comprised of 60 rooms i.e. 12 executive cottages and 48 deluxe rooms alongside 2 state of art conference halls that can hold up to 340 people.

Investment Opportunity at Lake Elementaita

Selling Price Kes 2.7M


Q. HOW DO YOU GET AN ESTIMATED 300,000/- per month???

A holiday home is a house that an individual can own within an hotel. when not in use by the owner the hotel rents it out to travelers on your behalf. a room rate averages 10,000 per night & you can built either a 2 or 3 bedroomed house; this means that your home will earn 20,000 to 30,000 per night.
so with a minimum occupation of 10 nights you can get either 200,000 or 300,000/=.

Why Increase the Facility

Following continuous efforts to expand the facility we have coupled our going concern with an ideal investment opportunity for you. This opportunity is the construction of unique 2 & 3 bedroom holiday homes within the lodge grounds (artworks as below) These homes will be managed to cater for increase in demand for business / conference travelers.

The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes

The lodge has been in operation since 2012 & is a byproduct of other successful business ventures in the same hospitality industry thus reassuring you as the prospective buyer of professional management.
Buyers interest will be catered to not only buy management, but also by the homeowners association, an independent body that shall be formed.

Income Projections

At a cost of KSHS 2.7M a footprint are of 190 to 220 square meters is available for purchase upon which the holiday home will be erected. The actual home is estimated to cost KSHS 5.5M. Projected monthly returns on the homes once handed over to management & while not it use by owner(s) is KSHS 300,000/-; this is based on the increased demand for conferences within the area coupled by the lodge’s conferencing capacity of 340 people while the lodge currently only holds 60 rooms.

The project has a pool & will have a gym facility & Tennis court.

The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes For Sale

The Great Pelican Lodge Holiday Homes